The African Grey Parrots Personality

African Grey Parrot

African Grey Parrots are the most popular parrots kept as pets by many people.Their popularity has something to do with their intelligence and their striking appearance. African grey parrots are very intelligent with a remarkable ability to copy different sounds. Their ability even extends to mimicking human speech. These parrots can talk human words and are even known to use these words in the proper context.

However, along with and because of their high-intelligence, parrots have certain personality traits that distinguish them from other members of the parrot family. One of these traits that set African Grey parrots apart from the other parrots is their tendency to be cautious and wary by nature.Their ability to think makes them more aware of the danger of being in contact with people they do not know, in other words, strangers. Because of this, African Grey parrots tend to bond with just one person only. Their close attachment to their primary caregiver is due to their ability to discern who they are familiar with and who are not.

African Grey parrots are also quite sensitive, much like a five-year-old kid. They need lots of time for socialization with their owners and with other African Grey parrots to remain healthy. This health has something to do with the expected pleasant behavior that African Grey parrots display when they are well-adjusted and not neurotic. The downside of not giving an African Grey parrot enough socialization opportunities is it sticks to just one person, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, which makes it cautious around strangers.

Another distinct African Grey personality trait is their strong temperament. Also because of their high intelligence, they tend to feel somewhat superior to other creatures. This can even be extended to their owners. Often, African Grey parrots can bite or scratch their owners in order to defend their turf as the “alpha” animal in the pack. When this happens, owners have to assert their dominion over the parrot so that the bad behavior will be cut and the bird will learn to obey the owner.

Grey Parrots are also known to self-mutilate if they are not given enough stimulation. Thus, these parrots should receive lots of attention for their owners. They must get to play with different toys each day and they must have ample time outside the cage, at least three hours to spread their wings. If they are not stimulated, they may pluck their feathers or scream.

On the whole, Grey parrots are great pets. But, care must be exercised when there are children in the house. These parrots are quite strong and can bite people when they become unhappy. The strong bite of these parrots can cause severe injuries in young kids. So, it would be best to be cautious with African Grey parrots around little children. However, when African Grey parrots receive proper training on stepping up, stepping down, removing their waste, and following orders, life on the home front will be pleasant and enjoyable!