Price of African Grey Parrot: How much is it worth?

African Grey Parrot Cost - Are they worth it?

If you’ve ever owned a dog or a cat, especially one with long hair, you know the hair gets everywhere in your home.  It’s difficult to clean and can cause problems with people with allergies. If you want a pet that does not shed fur all over your home, then you should consider getting a parrot.

Parrots are highly intelligent animals that make great pets

Parrots can talk, ride bikes (albeit itty-bitty ones), skateboard, roller skate, do the trapeze and even jump on a trampoline. This makes parrots one-of-a-kind pets. One of the most popular parrots you might consider getting is the African Grey parrot. The African Grey parrot holds the honor of being considered as the smartest parrot in the whole parrot family. Convinced, already? Then you should read on to find out the price of African grey parrot.

What does an African grey parrot cost?

The price is generally higher for African grey parrots than the price for buying other types of parrots. Why? Many people have noted the African grey parrot’s ability to copy the nuances of human speech. They do not just mimic the words: they also know the rising and falling intonations of the words they learn.  This makes the prices of these parrots higher than other birds.

The price of  an African grey parrot also depends on its type. For the more scientific individuals, the price depends on its subspecies. A quick reference guide for those who are new to the parrot pet world: The African grey parrot is a parrot that is native to West and Central Africa. It can be found in Congo, Zaire, and other countries with lush rainforests. There are two subspecies of the African grey – the Congo and the Timneh.

Basically, the Congo and the Timneh African grey parrots have similar traits and capabilities. Both subspecies have grey feathers though the Timneh parrot has darker shade then the Congo parrot. Both the Congo and the Timneh can speak human words and can even use those words in the right context.

Let’s move on to the differences of the two subspecies

The Congo parrot is generally larger in body build than its cousin. The Congo has a black beak while the Timneh has a two-tone beak of red and brown hues.  The Congo parrot is known to be better at talking than the Timneh parrot. These slight differences between the two African grey subspecies also determine the price of African grey parrot.

The price of African grey parrot depends on the kind of parrot you want. In general, the Congo African grey parrot is more expensive than the Timneh African grey parrot. This does not mean, however, that if you decide to get a Timneh African grey parrot, you are settling for the lesser kind. No. The pricing is due to the larger size of the Congo African grey and its better speaking skills. Many pet owners just love having a large parrot than a small one for a pet. Hence, there is a difference in prices.

The price of African grey parrots in the market can vary from as low as $ 750 to as high as $ 1000. If you have children in the house, you should choose a parrot that has been trained well by its breeder as African grey parrots can bite and scratch.

That’s too much to pay for a pet

Is it really?  You need to look at the total cost of ownership for the lifetime of your pet.  You can buy a dog for much less than it costs for a parrot; however, how long does each animal live?  The average dog lives about 15 years.  The average African grey parrot lives 50 or more years!  The parrot will live 3-4 times longer than the average dog.

Parrots eat much less than a dog or cat.  Dog and cat food costs should be considered vs. parrot food.

You do need a good cage for a parrot.  This can cost almost as much as the parrot.  It is a one-time expense.  The vet bills and monthly food costs for a dog or cat will far out weigh the initial cost of a parrot and their cage.

Parrots make economic sense and will become an entertaining part of your family.  Do the cost analysis yourself and I think you’ll come tot he same conclusion that parrots are a great value!