Merlin the Congo African Grey Parrot

African Grey Secretsis a site all about African Grey Parrots. We’ve owned “Merlin” since 2001 when he was just a few months old. We fed him with a syringe and have watched him grow into a part of our family.

We are writing articles about African Grey Parrots to help you and to share our experiences with having one of these wonderful birds in our home.

We may do reviews of products and all will be our unbiased opinions. We may send you special offers related to African Grey Parrots, but only if we would buy it ourselves for Merlin. Merlin is our guide. If it’s not good for him, we won’t recommend it. If it is good for Merlin, we’ll let you know.

We are not veterinarians or professionally trained in taking care of exotic birds. We just have 10+ years of personal experience.

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